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Woman sits with two young boys at a table. Young boys viewing educational game on ipad.

WFSU introduces the PBS KIDS ScratchJr app to two young students.

Let your WFSU Public Media Education team enhance your instruction featuring trusted PBS KIDS content! We provide professional development workshops, classroom curriculum enrichment and a wide range of resources, all linked to state and national curriculum standards. Educator services we provide include:

  • Ready To Learn workshops, specifically sharing programs and projects around the literacy and science properties that PBS and CPB are targeting for this 2015 – 2020 federal grant cycle
  • Demonstrations of the wonders of PBS Learning Media--an ever-growing media library filled high-quality learning content
  • Classroom visits to showcase PBS Kids ScratchJr, our free digital coding app
  • Custom workshops for peer learning programs based on popular PBS Kids shows
  • In-service workshops for teachers of Pre-K children

Contact us today to let us know how we might help you inspire your students and enrich your teaching.

WFSU / PBS Edcamp

This self-guided evening of "un-conferences" will feature break-out sessions lead in partnership with the WFSU Education team, the Early Learning Coalition of the Big Bend, and other key community partners.

Family Creative Learning Workshops

Family Creative Learning Workshops (FCLW) are an exciting, new Ready To Learn (RTL) element that brings PBS KIDS programs and tools to families in an innovative, community-focused way!

PBS Regional Teacher Summit Florida

PBS has partnered with WFSU to offer in-person teacher professional development that provides PBS LearningMedia training, professional development and peer learning opportunities.

Mission US Workshop

Educators from 4 counties and 2 states participated in a fantastic training that shared this engaging way to teach students 4th grade through 9th grade about US History.

Teacher Workshops

Materials from past workshop presentations.