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Getting students engaged in Science and History through their ancestry.

Learn about the Penn State led program "Finding Your Roots", which encourages elementary/middle school aged students to get hands-on with the science behind DNA. Whilst also increasing their interest in Social Studies by providing knowledge on their ancestor's journey through human history.

Gardening for Grades Resource

Florida Agriculture in the Classroom website hosts a comprehensive guide for Florida teachers to help plan, fund, create and learn with a school garden.

20+ Years of Research Shows Ready To Learn Media Improves Young Children’s Literacy

The proof is in the pudding: in an article featured on the Joan Ganz Cooney Center's blog, Lisa Hurwitz summarizes research she synthesized as part of her doctoral dissertation - all about the impact of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Ready To Learn funding, something near and dear to our hearts at WFSU!

A Team Member Travels to Peru

Our Curriculum Specialist, Diane Kroeger, had a chance to see Peru earlier this year! In this blog, she reflects on her time spent exploring Cusco and Lima with her daughter, Kelly.

Educator Spotlight: Brianna Peterson

WFSU Education team member Brianna shares her insights as an educator, working on our team and towards her degree in Elementary Ed.!

Educator Spotlight: Justine M. Chance

Meet lifelong educator Justine Chance in our first in a series of Educator Spotlight blogs, part of our new WFSU & Me campaign. This series aims to highlight the stories and perspectives of local teachers, giving them a chance to share their story and why they do the incredible & vital work that they do!

WFSU Public Media and Ready To Learn:

A look at some of the research that guides our work!

Florida Fund for Minority Teachers: Symposium Take-Aways

Future educator & team member Brianna shares about a recent experience she enjoyed at a statewide educator symposium for the Florida Fund for Minority Teachers!

Get to Know our 2017 Summer Squad!

We at WFSU Education were super fortunate to have a fantastic group of summer staff members on board for our craziest time of the year this year. Read a little about their time with us, and keep us in mind if you're looking for volunteer or internship experience!

WFSU’s Speedy Delivery

Moments of validation in life are sometimes few and far between, and even more rarely come in packages stamped with the words “SPEEDY DELIVERY”.

Staff Picks: Favorite Books

Our staff members discuss their favorite childhood books and what kids will find to enjoy about them.

Howling Wind...

Rain hurtling sideways.
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